Your final grades are ready. Here are your presentation grades:

5429 2

5817 3,5

5602 2,5

2934 3

2598 4

3124 4

5672 3

2563 4

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Maria Koutraki


  • TEXT 1: Transformations & Tessellations
  • TEXT 2: Area problems: Pythagorean theorem handout
  • TEXT 3: Unit 7 (from Academic English for Mathematics) ‘Geometry connections’
  • TEXT 4: Unit 8 ‘Properties of Triangles’
  • TEXT 5: Unit 4: Introduction to Reasoning and Proof
  • TEXT 6: Unit 12: The Geometry of Three Dimensions


  • Sentences (simple, compound, complex, complex-compound)
  • Parallel structures/Parallelism (see relevant E2 grammar links), Coherence, cohesion devices
  • Presentation 3 – Structuring paragtaph:- a) General-to-Specific Expository Paragraph (Introduction -Topic Sentence – Controlling Idea – Primary & Secondary Supporting Sentences in a paragraph-Theory/Practice), b) methods of development – E4, c) Achieving Coherence-ParksCoherence in Writing (theory) (time/place order & order of importance patterns, cohesion devices, tense consistency, sentence combining etc.), d) From paragraph to Essay. 
  •  Features of academic language: Formality /Complexity (see the relevant 2022 English for maths links- Features of Academic Writing)/Hedging, Accuracy, Objectivity, Precision, Explicitness, Responsibility.
  • ABSTRACTS.holt guide– Abstract Writing (theory & practice) (see relevant link)
  • CV examples/covering letters and application forms
  • Emphatic structures
  • Describing data in a Table, a Graph and a Chart
  • Revision of general grammar and syntax
  • Revision of summarizing, paraphrasing and translation strategies
  • Revision of functions (description of objects, commentary on certain issues etc.)

The Instructor

Maria Koutraki

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Type A English Terminology for Maths 2 2022 students should respond to the following assignment:

– Present a scientific topic of your own choice with reference to mathematics or related sciences of your School (physics, chemistry etc.).

– Write a concise summary of one or two paragraphs on the ideas expressed in the presentation of your topic using all language elements taught in English 1, and 2 (features of academic language, sentence structure & sentence style, coherence & cohesion devices, types of sentences, emphatic structures, structure of academic paragraphs – supports, methods and patterns). Show the analysis of your summary language on the screen (use of different colours, numbers, symbols etc.)

You can access useful information on the topic through our blog:

– Oral Presentation Tips (see all relevant links)– Preparing-for-an-ORAL-PRESENTATION– http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/presentationskills.htm– presentation guidelines

and our book ‘Academic English for Maths, p. 248 – 250.

– Present your full work in 15′(time limit is strict for practical reasons) in front of a small audience. Presentations will take place during the last week of your classes (23-27 of May 2022). You will be informed of the schedule through your email (You will need to fill in your full name, registration number and course in a google form) in one of the following days.

Submit electronically your power point presentation  on presentation date.

The Instructor

Maria Koutraki

There will be a library seminar this Friday 08/04/22, 9.00 – 11.00. You need to be at the Library Entrance 10 minutes earlier with your Covid Certificates. You will need to borrow a key there to keep your backpags.

Your Instructor

Maria Koutraki

Change of Room

Lectures of English Terminology for Maths 2 will take place in Room A212 instead of A208 from 05/04/2022 till the end of semester.

The Instructor

Maria Koutraki

All students of English Terminology for Mathematics 2 course are kindly requested to fill in their full name and registration number in the following google doc link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gmGoBOHavTpADr9UPGCq31Bk-UKFzfsy3K5k0e7_pT0/edit#gid=0 by Friday, 01/04/2022, in case thery are interested in attending a library seminar on April 7, 9.00-11.00. There won’t be any classes on that date.

The Instructor

Maria Koutraki

You can check your final marks in the sudent web as well as your presentation marks in the blog.

Your Instructor,

Maria Koutraki

5602 ->3

2934 – >3

2598 – > 4

2563 – > 4

2745 – > 4

5438 – > 4

5662 – > 4

3124 – > 4

5794 – > 2

2690 – > 2.5

The Instructor

Maria Koutraki